Wesco Auto Products (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1964, Wesco is focused on Designing and Manufacturing of Electro - Mechanical Switches, Control Cables and Lamps for the Off Highway Segment. Wesco works with Customers to provide Innovative Solutions for their specific applications. Read more

Electro Mechanical Switches

Our Products cover the entire spectrum of functionalities and have Robust Design to withstand extreme envoirnmental conditions and provide high durability and quality. Wesco Switches have proved their performace with many Off Highway Customers in India and around the Globe..

Mechanical Control Cables

Performace, Durability, Repeatibility, Reliability and Ease of use are some of the Core and Defining Features of our Mechnical Cables. With application in Pull, Push Pull, Rotary and Valve Control, Wesco has a product which will help the OEM to perform the desired function..

Lamps and Luminaries

With our Customers equipment working around the Clock, Wesco Lamps are lighting the Way and the Work Areas for Customers' Customer to make the most value of their equipment. Safety and Reliability are a first promise that we make our our customers and are our core beliefs.