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Quality is an integeral part of our lives. They may be a separate department but every member of the Wesco Teams feels themselves to be a Quality Inspector. We will not produce a bad part, we will not let a bad product flow to the next person, we will not let a bad part reach our customer.

Our Teating Lab is equipment with all facilities to check the Design, Durability and Envoirnmental Resistance of our products. We are fully equipped with

  • - Automated Accelerated Life Testing
  • - Vibration Test Rig
  • - Salt Fog Testing
  • - High and Low Temperature Durability
  • - Rapid Endurance and Fatigue Testing
  • - Thermal Shocks
  • - Envoirnment Resiatance for IP Rating

From results of these testing, we are able to assit our engineers to make better products and improvement existing designs. The Process of Testing does not stop with Design Validation but is a On Going but Random Process. Sudden Sampling from the production lines are picked up and Audit Testing is performed. Activities like these assure that our Team Members manufacture each product as if a sample was being assembled.

All Latest Indutry Standard Pratices are heavily employeed through out the company. these include

  • - Advance Product Quality Planning ( APQP)
  • - Design Validation Planning ( DVP)
  • - Production Part Approval Process ( PPAP )
  • - Statistical Process Control ( SPC )
  • - Continuous Improvement through KAIZEN
  • - Root Cause Analysis (5Why, Fish Bone Mechanism, etc)
  • - Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis ( PFMEA )
  • - Internal Quality Audits
  • - 5 S